About Us

We stock only the absolute best 3D Printing equipment available on the market at unbelievable prices, and we have throughly tested every product that we sell to ensure its quality.

But, since opening our doors in Spring 2016, 3D Printer Chat has significantly extended its reach within the 3D printing industry and expanded the services we offer to alot more than just articles and support. Check out all we have to offer on our sites.

Who We Are?

3D Printer Chat was the first A News Site in Stockholm dedicated to the future of 3D printing. We began with a simple goal, to bring this amazing technology to as many homes, schools and businesses as possible through our articles.

Just as the 3D printing industry continued to grow. We grew with it.


Today we do so much more.

3D Printer Chat is now also active in schools teaching and resell 3D Printers online. And we have a cretification process for newly started 3D Printing companies including a small new business insurance.

We provide exceptional customer service, technical support and guidance as you join the revolution and dive into the technological future of 3D printing.

Our motto is simple: Today there will be no spaghetti.

We believe that with the right tools and equipment, if you can dream it then you can create it.