EVO R 3D PRINTER, a California-based 3D printer manufacturer, has announced the release of its latest 3D printer, the EVO R.

A new addition to the company’s EVO series of additive manufacturing systems, the EVO R is designed as a smaller and affordable alternative to the EVO and EVO 22. Airwolf 3D is aiming to bring its EVO 3D printing technology to a broader market with the new system, targeting engineers, designers and schools requiring performance at a lower price tag. It retains several key features implemented within the other two EVO systems, adapting them into a 3D printer with a 12” x 8.75” x 9” build envelope, with a starting price of $4,995.

“Professionals want an affordable, multi-material, dual extrusion 3D printer they can depend on. The EVO R is the answer, embodying nearly all the premium EVO and EVO 22 features in an affordable package made right here in California.”

Erick Wolf, Co-Founder and CEO of Airwolf 3D, commented.

EVO R technical specifications

The EVO and EVO 22 3D printers are intended for the production of strong parts with excellent mechanical properties, for use in functional prototyping and tooling application. The EVO features a 12″ x 12″ x 11″ build volume, and the EVO 22 comes with a larger 22.75” build height. Both systems are priced at $7,995 and $11,995 respectively.

Although lower-priced with a curtailed build envelope, the EVO R incorporates various EVO and EVO 22 components such as a 7” touch screen, HEPA/Active Carbon filter, 32-bit GENESIS micro-controller and linear guides. It comes equipped with various active and passive safety systems to ensure the functional operation of the 3D printer.

The microcontroller and touch screen are coupled with hot end, heated bed detection circuits, stepper motor high current sensor circuits to monitor heating and temperature. The EVO R’s HEPA and charcoal air filters also help reduce odors and emissions. Airwolf 3D built the system with aluminum construction, CNC machined thermal ends, a one-piece steel bed and Teflon Sheet communication cable for greater accuracy and reliability.

Designed by the EVO R feature company for ease of use, the machine is compatible with classroom integration

Air Wolf 3D has run its Apex software, which allows you to work tirelessly with parameters that are preloaded with an automatic update system. The company also announced that it will provide additional training for teachers who purchase 3D printing equipment as well as a free curriculum for the Air Wolf 3D website. See below for complete technical specifications.

The most powerful machine on the market, EVO has a 100% aluminum monoblock chassis built on rigid monocoque to maximize structural integrity and reduce volume and weight. The integrated construction platform supports up to 30 pounds and uses one-piece construction to save weight and space.

With a 500-watt power supply, the EVO R harnessses plenty of power. An automatic dual-pole circuit breaker provides a safer, more reliable, and more serviceable system than conventional fuse replacement.

Though rugged and unbreakable, the EVO R is light enough to transport easily and can be stacked up to four units high for multiplied part production.

The CoreXY Motion System receives a leading-edge update thanks to CNC-style linear precision guides. Up until now, the successful integration of a heavy-duty linear-guide-based motion control system was available only in high-end systems at over five times the price of the EVO R. One of the most future-proof design elements of the EVO R 3D printer, the linear-guide-based CoreXY Motion System provides unparalleled manufacturing precision with zero maintenance.

Manufacture large parts quickly with the EVO R’s industry-leading 0.4lb/hour maximum material deposition rate. A cartridge-style planetary extruder assembly achieves increased torque capacity for faster extrusion speeds while an unbreakable three-bolt-reinforced hot end precisely distributes over 40 materials ranging from PLA and ABS to exotic materials including carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon and PC as well as HydroFill, Airwolf 3D’s proprietary water-soluble support.

The EVO R’s bulletproof z stage comprises a proprietary coupling linking a ball screw with a stepper motor and is powerful enough to support up to 30 pounds and provides precision of nearly one thousandth of an inch over its 9-inch build height, providing incredible accuracy.

Approximately the size of a human hair, the precision movement is barely discernible by the human eye. Performance is further optimized by extended-life replaceable nozzles that help minimize part distortion

Both the brain and heart of the EVO R Additive Manufacturing Center, Airwolf 3D’s proprietary GENESIS Microcontroller drives the leaps and bounds that EVO has made in desktop additive manufacturing technology.

Fully proprietary and engineered from the ground up to support high-performance industrial manufacturing, the GENESIS board is an automotive-grade 32-bit redundant embedded controller that delivers 2-3 times higher speeds, more precision, and greater control at ultra-high temperatures than any other desktop 3D manufacturing system on the market.

                        Specification Sheet

Build Volume 12″ x 8.75″ x 9” (300 mm x 220 mm x 229 mm)
Print Speed 150 mm/sec
Layer Height Minimum layer height of 40 Microns  
Max Z Layer Resolution 0.04 mm
Nozzle Size 0.35, 0.5, 0.8, 1 mm
Filament Size 2.85mm +/-0.10
Extruder Configuration Dual
Maximum Extruder Temperature 315°C
Maximum Bed Temperature 160°C
Materials Over 40, incl. ABS, PC, PP, Nylons, TPE, TPU, Metal
Software APEX (provided)
Supported OS MacOS, Windows

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