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NXE400 3D printer a new competitor enters the market!!!

Nexa3D enters Japanese 3D Printing Market. According to sources, Nexa3D and Brulé have announced a partnership to commercialize the NXE400 3D . Nexa3D and Brulé have announced a partnership to commercialize the NXE400 3D printer in Japan. Relatively new to the market, the NXE400 is an ultra-fast SLA production 3D printer — and one that Nexa3D is aggressively positioning around the world. Partnering with Brulé is a natural step toward penetration in Asia, as Brulé maintains an active 3D printing portfolio serving customers such as JAXA, Tokyo University, Kao, and Kaiyodo.

Nexa3D printers offer speed, precision, and automation which provide our customers with clear advantages no matter their goals,” said Douglas Krone, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Brulé. “NXE400 3D printers are a key part of our extensive line of leading brands. Nexa3D provides customers with high-quality, next-generation speed for their additive manufacturing and 3D printing needs.”

According to Nexa3D, the US-based industrial-grade stereolithography 3D printer manufacturer that created it, the printer boasts the two main qualities it’s on a mission to produce: Affordability and speed.

Part of its magic is NXE400 3D printer use a special technology called lubricant sublayer photo-curing along with their patented structured light matrix to boost printing speeds up to a zippy 1Z centimeter per minute. The printer is designed to produce everything from prototypes to dental parts.

Nexa3D envisions a world with the NXE400 where spare parts can be printed on demand for customers at their local hardware store, where manufacturers can speed up their process and where automotive and aerospace industries can upgrade their speed, performance and capacity.



This printer boasts six times the speed of comparable printers on the market according to Nexa3D. They claim their machine can shorten the time needed to print protoypes and production parts from hours to mere minutes by continuously printing up to 16 liters of parts at 1Z centimeter per minute.


It’s not just supposed to be fast though, it can also handle bigger prints with its 270 x 160 x 380 mm build volume. Nexa3D claims this is two-and-a-half times larger than other comparable 3D printers on the market.


The parts that this machine can churn out aren’t just tchotchkes, it’s designed to print functional parts at injection molding quality, with comparable repeatability and tolerances. This is especially helpful for prototyping or if you require a one-off part that is either difficult to source or very expensive. Nexa3D envisions this technology in local hardware stores where it can quickly print off parts for customers, or creating parts in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Technical Specifications


Printing Technology: Continuous LSPC

Light Source: Structured Light Matrix

Build Volume: 270 x 160 x 380 mm

Z-Layer Resolution: 25/50/100/200 microns

XY Resolution: 70 microns

UI: Predictive and prescriptive

Connectivity: USB Cable/USB Drive/Ethernet/WIFI

Build Platform Leveling: System is designed to not require bed leveling

Materials: Nexa3D materials, including Fast RP, Tough, Super Tough, Dental


Software bundle: Proprietary

File types: .stl, .3ws, .3wn, .STEP


Weight: 500 lbs

Dimensions: 66 x 28 x 28 inches

The NX400 is part of a Nexa 3D printer family of rough materials, fast prototypes for functional prototypes, ideal for large-scale manufacturing and production tools. Final use parts, foundry models and dental restorations Printers also have cognitive software and built-in sensors that optimize part performance, provide detailed diagnostics, and provide constant monitoring. Nexa 3D resins are ideal for a wide range of applications, from fast prototyping to jigs and accessories, to low volume, high mix products.

Key Features

  • Precision high speed Additive Manufacturing
  • With the patented LSPcTM Technology NXE400 can print at up to 40X faster than traditional 3D Printing
  • Cognitive Software
  • The NXE400 uses voxel technology to intelligently slice, topology optimize, and adaptively compile complex geometries at high speed
  • The Most Affordable High-Speed 3D Printer on the Market
  • The NXE400 offers great speed, unparalleled precision, and is compatible with various resin materials

Brulé is counted among the oldest resellers of 3D printing systems in Japan. It has been supplying a host of additive manufacturing products to industrial and academic customers, including JAXA, the Japanese Space Agency, as well as Tokyo University, chemical company Kao, and consumer product firm Kaiyodo. It now adds Nexa3D’s NXE 400 platform to its portfolio, which also includes machines from Ultimaker, Desktop Metal, and Formlabs.

The Nexa 3D NX400 was launched earlier this summer and since then the company has established a global distribution network to gain access to the most important additive product markets. In July, Dynamic became a partner with Nexa, and as demand grew, the company partnered with Bee Lee to mark its entry into Asia.

“Japan is one of the most experienced and experienced 3D printing markets, and there is a significant base of old stereolithography systems that are ready to improve,” said Avi Reicenthal, CEO and CEO. Management of Nexa3D. “Dial-up today will act as a multiplier to transform Internet 3D printing, based on the introduction of Japan’s extensive 3D printing experience, extensive local presence and excellent reputation.” Tivity Probability Compared To Broadband For The Use Of Our Japanese Customers. “

“Nexa 3D printers provide speed, accuracy and automation and provide a clear return to our customers regardless of their objectives,” said Douglas Crone, president and CEO of Beaulieu. “Nexa 3D Printers is a key component of our flagship brands. Nexa 3D provides customers with the next generation of speed and quality for their additive products and 3D printing needs.”

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