PLAce Holder™ Diamondized™ 3D Print Bed Coating for PLA

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PLAce Holder™ Print Bed Coating

PLAce Holder™ is a value engineered, Diamondized™ Glass Bed Adhesion Solution (for printing with PLA) using detonation nanodiamond crystals for enhanced surface tension.

It holds 3D prints on the bed for a perfect print every time!

One application lasts 15+ prints and sometimes more depending upon the print arrangement.

One bottle provides 4-5 complete applications for a 300 mm X 300 mm bed allowing 60-75 prints (or more!).


  1. The quantity of prints may be reduced if you scratch the coated print bed surface or touch the surface with your hand.

  2. PLAce Holder™ works with any filament that can be attached to the print bed with PVA glue as a place holder.



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